In the new millennium the worldwide music industry went through turmoil due to the advent of the download as a sales medium while physical CDs continued to rapidly decline.

The large major record companies simply were unable to move quickly enough to embrace this fast moving technology and, as a result, the cumbersome infrastructure which had been set up over the past thirty years to sell physical product could not be converted to support the download release.

In 2008 Cubit Recordings was launched as a direct response to the shortcomings of the major labels. With many years collective music industry experience, they were perfectly positioned to be able to offer artists from all over the world an outlet through which to distribute and exploit their product.

Cubit Recordings offers a bespoke service - tailored to the individual act's needs.

We see our role to empower artists to maintain control of their careers and allow them a much greater creative control of their music than ever before.