Miss 600 - Buying Time (Digital Download)

Miss 600 - Buying Time (Audio CD)

Miss 600 - Hello (Digital Single)

Miss 600 - Dance With You (Digital Single)

Honest John Plain - Never Listen To Rumours (Digital Single)

Supreme Stylers - Superfly (Digital Single)

Departure Lounge Volume 1 (Compilation)

Full Authority Volume 1 (Compilation)

Club Luvin' Volume 1 (Compilation)

Spekrfreks - All Night Long (Digital Single)

Big Bass - Everybody Noze (Digital Single)

S.E.L - Necessary (Digital Single)

Blee vs Classy Menace - Serenade (Digital Single)

Narany - Love In Your Eyes (Digital Single)

Michaela Wright - Never Gonna' Give In (Digital Single)

Eternity - Another Way (Digital Single)

Hillsong:London - C.I.T.Y (Digital Single)

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